allied |əˈlīd; ˈalˌīd| 
1)  having or being in close association; joined in alliance, compact or treaty

Allied Building Contractors is a unique  design/build general contracting firm in Central Vermont that has a focus on both the quality of the end result and the client’s experience throughout the entire process of the project.

Why Allied?

Different clients have different requirements for their level of involvement in the process. It is our job to establish that level and make sure you are satisfied. Building your home or commercial project is so much more than just hammers and nails. For you as a client, a well organized and transparent process helps turn building or renovating into a collaborative process that is enjoyable rather than a building project riddled with delays, poor communication, and shoddy work. 

There are lots of builders out there, and most of them do a pretty good job. Allied sets itself apart by valuing and focusing on your experience throughout the process. We have succeeded, if at the end of your project, you feel that not only have you received great value for your money, but that the process delivered an experience that was one to be remembered and not forgotten. 

Allied also provides a complete “one stop shopping” trip for the client looking to simplify their process. From framing to landscape design and interior finishes to energy and green building solutions, Allied will work with you to create a comprehensive approach to the building project.

Design Build?

One of the main advantages of working with a design build firm is that the same person who you are meeting and creating the spaces with is the same person who is hammering the nails. No one knows what space will be best for you and your family better than you, and it is our job to work collaboratively with you to draw those ideas out, put them to paper, and then construct them. All too often details get lost in the shuffle between the builder, the general contractor, and the architect and problems and delays occur. What is left is a customer who feels out of the loop and not sure who to go to when they see a problem on a site visit. 

By partnering with the client we give you the position in the process you are comfortable with.

Who is Allied Building Contractors?

Allied Building Contractors was founded by Jon Guiffre. Jon grew up informally training under his parents in building and landscape design. His father designed some of the most exclusive banking spaces in the world. His mother holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and years spent in both environments have guided Jon’s design experience. 

While at the University of Vermont, Jon began a successful career coaching ice hockey. He found success at both the high school and collegiate levels. In 2002 he helped guide a Brown University Women’s Hockey Team to an appearance in the NCAA Division I National Championship Game. He continues to coach in his spare time at Norwich University with their Women's Hockey Team where, as an assistant coach, he has helped guide the Cadets to three consecutive appearances to the NCAA DIII national tournament, including the 2010 and 2012 National Runners Up and  2011 National Champions.  His leadership and organizational experience with people as a coach has been the foundation for Allied's unique approach to dealing with their clients. 

While coaching, Jon led a parallel life taking on building projects for friends and family as well as working for general contractors and custom home builders. Starting out with small barns and decks and moving into more complicated projects like building a summer cottage on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Nova Scotia.

Jon’s unique experience with design and construction as well as organization, leadership, and a focus on relationships with people and their needs, provides an Allied client with not only the building know-how, but also the ability to communicate effectively with the client with a focus on their overall experience. 

Allied employs a carpentry crew that is dedicated to not only their craft, but also to Allied's mission for the clients experience.  This leads to a positive experience at all times and makes for a consistent, predictable experience for you as the client.  

By building a strong team of quality subcontractors and specialists in Landscape Design and Adaptive Re-Use, Allied is able to reach out to many different clients and projects while offering the same high quality results and experience.

Jon resides in Roxbury, VT with his wife Cathy and their son Caden.