Building a home can be a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience if done correctly. More likely, however, you have friends who can tell you horror stories about their experience building a home - delays, mistakes, miscommunication, lack of communication - they all add up to a very stressful experience, especially when you entrust hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone you hardly know - your contractor.  There are many general contractors and builders out there that can build quality homes but very few who can build the with the end result and client's experience holding equal ground.

Allied sets itself apart by maintaining excellence in both areas - the structure and the client's experience - because both will live with that client for many years to come.  It's quite likely that those friends you have who can tell horror stories, have no trouble remembering the contractor 10 years later who tried to cover up their mistake or failed to communicate something to them.  Allied never forgets that you are purchasing a product - a very expensive one - and while the product's quality and longevity are critical, so are the many months of your life that you go through to build that product and the many years you live in in after it is done.  

As a Design/Build firm, Allied is capable of taking your magazine clippings, ideas, or napkin sketches and turning them first into conceptual drawings, then a working set of plans, and finally into the finished home, all with one stop shopping.  This simplifies your process, the actual building process, and in the end, saves you a considerable amount of money.  As the builders of the spaces that are designed, we know right from the start what can and can't be built and how it affects the budgets, this "cuts to the chase" often times and produces the desired end result more quickly and without delays.  While we are happy to work collaboratively with drawings you already have, or an architect you have already hired, our specialty is building the homes and spaces we design.  

Because it is your home, the spaces you want are paramount.   All too often you see homes that compromise form for function or visa versa.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  Intelligently designed spaces that keep your needs and wants and balance them against things like energy performance, curb appeal, snow performance etc.. is a difficult task but one we specialize in.  Whether it is universal access issues and planning for the future, or addressing a challenging site, there is always a solution and we will help you find the one you are happy with.