Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Central Vermont

If the last time your kitchen was touched, Jimmy Carter was our President and you were cooking fondue in your bell bottoms, it probably is time for an update.

Whether it is a makeover of cabinets, counters, and flooring or a total gut renovation, we can take you from the idea you saw on the DIY show on TV all the way through the finished project. As a Design/Build firm, we will work collaboratively with you to lay out the spaces, get a cabinet design and layout, and then help you chose materials like counter tops and flooring. If it is a major renovation, we might upgrade the wall insulation, take out a wall to create more space, or change the heating system to create more comfort.

Central vermont kitchen with modern silver appliances and wood cabinets after completion of kitchen remodeling project by allied contractors
Kitchen Renovation in Tunbridge, Vermont.
Modern kitchen in central vermont with modern fixtures wood cabinets and large windows after kitchen remodeling project by allied contractors
Kitchen Renovation in Roxbury, Vermont.

In a kitchen remodel, the sky is the limit, but we specialize in getting you the most kitchen possible within your budget.

Smart upgrades can be cost-effective but create great value to you in your home. For instance, adding radiant floor heating is often a smart and high-value option as getting your morning coffee in your bare feet on a warm floor brings you value and comfort every day, as opposed to spending the same money on a second wall oven you use once a year for Thanksgiving. If you have the budget for both, great, but if not it is our specialty in suggesting different options for you to choose from.

Return on investment should you resell down the road.

Lastly, if you are thinking of resale down the road, kitchens are one of the best places to spend your dollars because over time you get them all back while enjoying your new kitchen for all the years you live with it before selling. Also, making smart choices in your kitchen renovation can help your re-sale down the road and we can help advise you there as well. While your spouse might be excited about the retro avocado green appliances, they won't be the best choice for resale.

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