unfurnished waterbury vermont basement space after completed remodeling project by allied contractors

Remodel: Waterbury Basement - Taking It Up A Level To A Finished Living Space

Project Date: 2010
Project Location: Waterbury, VT
Allied Building specializes in bathroom remodeling projects throughout Central Vermont, including the Warren, Barre, Stowe, Waitsfield, and Waterbury areas. This Waterbury basement remodeling project created a bright living space.

Project Details

This was an entire basement remodel on a home that was built in the '90s.  Built on a sloping lot, it had a walkout basement that was intended for living space but the work had never been completed.  Built-in the housing boom of the 1990s there were some shortcuts taken on an otherwise quality built home and these had to be addressed before finishing the entire basement. 

The foundation had not been properly isolated on the exterior from moisture so we had to isolate the foundation and slab from the interior space.  There also was groundwater entering the basement from the well and an overactive subsurface spring.  This had to be addressed with a sub-slab sump pump. 

Once the water and moisture issues had been addressed, we were able to get down to the renovation of the space.  The client was seeking a theater area that would also double as guest sleeping space, a large recreation area, a full bathroom, and a study area.  We also needed to work around the mechanical space of the basement which was inconveniently right in the middle.  The design we came up with addressed the clients' desires along with the constraints of the given space. One last wrinkle was the client worked from home and needed to isolate the basement noise from his workspace on the first floor of the house. 

We utilized rigid foam, sealant, batt insulation, and a specialty subflooring product to isolate the concrete surfaces form the living space.  We then used blow in cellulose insulation in the first-floor joist bays combined with two layers of drywall and an acoustical dampening material to soundproof the basement noise from traveling upstairs. 

The end result was a crisp and warm space that provided the client with an additional 1000+ square feet of living space while addressing some moisture issues that needed to be fixed. 

Allied Building Is Your Basement Remodeling Contractor in Waterbury and Central Vermont

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