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Welcome to Allied Building

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Welcome to Allied, the official Blog for Allied Building Contractors. We will be publishing twice monthly on a variety of topics related to remodeling, new construction, high performance building, and the construction industry. Our goal is to arm our past, current, and future clients with the knowledge to make informed and effective decisions about their construction projects. We also will give tips and techniques to accomplish more basic home improvement and maintenance projects.

Our topics will be appropriate to the time of year that clients would be thinking about a project. For instance, basement and kitchen remodels are our most popular winter projects with clients as the weather in Vermont dictates that is the best time of year to do interior remodeling.

We also will write about our industry as a whole. At Allied, our goal is to create great partnerships with our clients. Part of that process is giving them the knowledge to understand the entire process - not just where the bathtub will go and what tile they like. Informed clients make more accurate decisions not just for their project, but for their financial planning and being well informed leads to positive builder/client relationships. For instance in an upcoming blog I will discuss the difference between markup and margin and how different contractors use those strategies. Another post will do a deep dive into the pros and cons of both fixed and cost plus construction contracts.

Another area of focus on our blog posts will be high performance building. This is often termed "Green Building" but is more accurately defined as high performance. This has been a component of our company's work since the very beginning. I'll break down the latest building science into digestible topics that can help you evaluate choices you have to improve your home's efficiency or achieve a certain goal in your next new construction project.

Lastly, our blog will give you updates on new and exciting projects we are working on so you can learn about some of the things other people in your area are doing. It might give you just the idea you had been looking for in your home construction project.

We look forward to any comments or requests you have about and for our blog. Your feedback will help us deliver the best information possible. Please reach out to us!


- Jon

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