Energy Retrofits and Green Home Builder in Central Vermont

Allied Building specializes in energy retrofits and works throughout Central Vermont, including Stowe, Waitsfield, Waterbury, Warren, and Barre areas. Energy Retrofits come in all shapes and sizes. They often come as part of a bigger renovation but can be done as a project on its own. Allied focuses on meeting with the client and determining the end goal for the work and then suggesting several options for the work. There are many different insulations, air sealing, cladding, fenestration (windows), and mechanical system options and we work closely with our clients to provide the ones that fit the client's goals, preferences, and budget. 

A diagram of air flow in a used by allied contractors a home green home builder central vermont

The steps for an energy retrofit:

  • It starts with a site evaluation of the home and blower door test. 
  • Determine the best areas to spend money on to create the greatest return on investment.

Simply throwing foam, cellulose, tape, and caulking at a building haphazardly usually results in poor performance and sometimes even creates a building science problem generally involving moisture. 

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